Instant printing of visitor badges

Event badge printed by badgy200 for color angers

The challenge: to cheaply identify visitors and optimize their management

When it came to the organization of two major events, JCEF chose the Badgy solution to print badges for its members and visitors.
The association, which has a very lean structure, was able

to provide a professional welcome and efficient access control with the printing of badges on plastic cards.
This low-cost solution was deployed successfully in a short period of time.


Evolis Badgy200 the affordable complete card printing solution

The Badgy solution: simple, effective, and professional printing

Badgy is an all-in-one solution that includes personalization software, access to a card library, and consumables. It offers considerable flexibility and reactivity for an association whose members are all volunteers and allows them to optimize their time at events.

"When it came to organizing the national convention, Badgy represented an ideal solution to the charity’s requirements as it offered considerable flexibility and professional quality printing”, stated Antoine Nivard, co-director of the organizing committee for the 60th National Convention in Nantes.


Badge printed by badgy200 for color angers

The result: visitor badges printed instantly

450 badges were created and personalized in advance for the national convention. On the day of the event, the compact format of the printer meant it could be easily transported to the venue for instant printing of badges for last-minute guests. For the convention, the 900 member badges were personalized as and when, demonstrating the reactivity of Badgy to facilitate access at a glance.

"It truly is an effective and extremely intuitive solution, which meant that we could design and print our badges in an extremely short period of time. In addition to this, there is the very low cost per badge, which is also an important criterion for a charity”, stated Vanessa Obadia, organizer of the 61st national convention in Angers.

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