Chinese bank instantly issues social security cards

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The challenge: Provide a social security card to all citizens

In China, it can be difficult for people living in remote areas to request a social security number and card. The Chinese province Yunnan has over 45 million inhabitants of which the rural population accounts for 63.2%. In the past, traveling to big towns where social security authorities are based, was the only way to obtain the card and insure to be eligible for the social services associated to it. In 2018, the Chinese government, in collaboration with commercial banks, has deployed an innovative social security card project.




Evolis BYW3 card printer

The solution: A customized instant card printing system from Evolis

In the province of Yunnan the social security department and the Agricultural Bank of China now jointly issue a combined financial social security card, aiming at providing more convenience and a better access to social services for all citizens. As banks have high security measures and the issuance of payment cards is their traditional business, it was a logical step for the government to entrust them with the issuance of the multi-functional card.

In February 2018, the Evolis partner for the banking and government market in China, Boya Wuzhou Technology Co. Ltd., has deployed 150 card personalization systems especially developed on demand by Evolis for this project.


ABC Bank sample card

The result: Social security cards instantly issued by 150 bank branches

All 150 branches of the Agricultural Bank of China (ABC) spread across the Yunnan Province are able to issue within a few minutes a multi-application card offering:

  • medical insurance,
  • pension insurance,
  • as well as banking-related functions such as cash withdrawal or money transfer.

In addition to personalized color printing on the surface of the cards, BY-W3 also encodes personal information into the social security card’s IC chip, thus providing additional security to the card. Each citizen’s financial social security card printed contains personal social security information, such as name, photo, ID number, gender, ethnicity, social security number and expiry date.


« The Evolis printer is an aesthetically designed product. Its dimensions are perfect for use in a bank branch, and the overall printing effect perfectly meets card issuance requirements. The real-time utilization rate of the devices at each bank branch exceeds 86%, » explains Mr. Xu, project manager, Yunnan Branch, Agricultural Bank of China.


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