The Fit’N Squash gym chose a Sig100 tablet to complete its member’s contracts

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Founded in 2012, the Fit’n Squash gym in Brissac (France) now has over 450 members.  Open every day from 6am to 11pm, the gym offers many activities such as free access to squash courts, but also group classes, personal training, and a weight room. In 2020, manager and coach Mr Sauvant chose a Sig100 signature pad from Evolis to introduce digital signatures to the gym’s membership forms.

Since the beginning, Fit’n Squash has constantly evolved and stood out by widening its selection of classes and services to appeal to all different sport lovers.  This resulted in an even bigger increase in members. It was therefore essential for this gym manager to develop the administrative management of annual memberships by simplifying the validation and archiving of its contracts.

Simple and secure management of gym memberships thanks to the Sig100 signature pad and the SignoSign/2 software



SigPad Success story: FitnSquash ENG, by Evolis


Previously, Mr Sauvant printed his membership contracts on paper. This format came with several disadvantages. Using paper was not environmentally friendly as each contract needed to be printed on multiple sheets and in two copies. When it came to archiving, more storage space was constantly required as the gym must legally store all contracts for 3 years.
He therefore decided to simplify the administrative side of these contracts by placing a Sig100 signature pad at his gym’s reception. Easy to install and use, Mr Sauvant now asks his customers to validate their membership by signing their contracts on the Sig100 tablet. Thanks to the tablet and the SignoSign/2 software, provided as an option,

  • the signature is digitally captured and inserted into contract in a secure manner
  • the document is converted into PDF format
  • then the document is automatically archived in the computer’s digital folders.

In just a few minutes, the contract is created, validated, and archived, which represents a massive time and space saver for Fit’N Squash.


The Sig100 signature pad used with SignoSign/2 software combine simplicity and effectiveness


After several months of using the Sig100 signature pad and the SignoSign/2 software, Mr Sauvant is still 100% satisfied with his choice for many reasons:

  • reducing Fit’N Squash’s ecological footprint thanks to stopping paper contracts
  • expanding digital archives and removing the need to stock physical documents
  • the simplicity of the tablet for customers, and the software for staff.

And to be able to keep up with demand, Mr Sauvant opted for Badgy200, the all-in-one solution for creating and printing cards to complement his signature pad. When a member joins and signs their contract, he creates a personalised membership card for them thanks to the Evolis Badge Studio software. It is then printed on a plastic card in just a few seconds thanks to the Evolis Badgy200 printer.


« I would recommend the Evolis signature pad as it has made the process of signing, confirming and archiving our contracts much simpler and faster! It also takes away the need for a paper version which is a massive bonus. »
Damien Sauvant, Manager and coach at Fit’nSquash


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