Access control at the festival venue

Stringent access control at different locations of the festival Hellfest

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The challenge: identify and streamline a strict access control of event crews

  • The Hellfest festival is the 2nd largest music festival in France with 175,000 visitors in 2015. Nearly 500 volunteers, technicians and event organizers are committed to make the festival a success.
  • Since 2011, this well-oiled machine has been using an Evolis printing solution for delivering badges for all his teams.







The Primacy solution: simple, fast and professional printing

Fast printing output and ease-of-use were the key assets for selecting the Primacy printer for this high-profile event.

“The printer production output rate is a key benefit in helping our organization be more efficiency when preparing each edition of the festival. I would also point out that the easy operation of the printer makes badge design and delivery affordable to any user, autonomously.” says Vikthor Laurançon, Technical Production Executive, Hellfest Festival.





ID and access control badges printed instantly at Hellfest festival, backstage pass

The result: ID and access control badges printed instantly

Most badges are printed ahead of the festival, based on the previous year’s numbers. Badges are also produced on demand and singly. In 2015, we personalized close to 500 badges.

“When it comes to graphic personalization, the technical team gets a badge printed only on its front side, while the production team receives dual-sided badges printed in monochrome. “We also issue badges carrying a barcode to monitor access to the Partners Terrace, and for selected events organized throughout the year” explains Vikthor Laurançon.

According to the organizers, the selected solution provides extensive flexibility for managing badges, as well as professional-grade printing quality. The printer has established itself as a crucial tool for accreditations and management for this large-scale event.

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