International festival: visitor accreditation


The challenge: printing badges in 4 days for cinema industry professionals for the Cannes Festival

A real challenge faced each year by the organizers of the international film festival.

"We have to guarantee the best access to industry professionals," said David Capaldi, Accreditation Manager for the Marché du Film.



Quantum, The centralized card production system

The solution: 30 Evolis printers for personnalizing visitor badges

Tech-Event, a French IT company aimed at the events sector, managed the publication of some 45,000 access badges for Cannes using Evolis card printers. Over 30 Evolis printers were used within the accreditation unit for personalizing visitor badges with a photo, color, text, and a barcode. During the first 4 days, between 5,000 and 10,000 badges were published daily within this space.





The result: 45,000 accreditation badges printed in a record time

"The speed, quality, and reliability of Evolis printers were what really sold them to us. We have a requirement to produce a result. We have to produce nearly all the badges during the first four days. We don't have time to manage the smallest breakdown!" said Wahib Bendib, President of Tech-Event.

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