School transportation cards


The challenge

The official transportation body in Salzburg (SVV) offers free public transport to school. The "S'COOL" transport passes distributed by this organization are personalized at the various points of sale... where print demand can vary from a few hundred to several thousand.



Evolis Primacy

The solution

EDV-Beratung Grassl GmbH, distributor of Evolis printers in Austria, supported SVV with a needs assessment to determine which printer models were most suitable for this volume of printing.

For SVV, the printers had to be suitable for this volume of cards but also meet two other criteria:

  • Ease of use for operators
  • Low noise level

After the print tests, Zenius and Primacy were selected to meet SVV's requirements.


The result

SVV personalizes over 45,000 S'COOL cards each year. The operators confirm that Zenius and Primacy are user-friendly in terms of both use and maintenance (reloading cards, ribbons, cleaning alerts, etc.). SVV places a high value on the availability of supporting resources in German and how quiet the printers are, particularly on sites with two or three machines.

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