The environment

Our approach

Evolis is aware of its responsibilities and strives to limit its impact on the environment and to encourage all its stakeholders to implement good environmental practices.
Evolis is convinced that environmental performance is a lever for efficiency that benefits environmental preservation, the long-term sustainability of the company and the satisfaction of its partners and employees.

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The environment


Stage by stage, we are taking action to reduce the impact of our business on the environment:

2005 - Environmental criteria were taken into account in the construction plan for a new building for the company's operations.

2009 - Life Cycle Analyses (LCA) of core range printers were undertaken to assess the ecological footprint of Evolis products and use the results to design more environmentally friendly products. 

2015 - Optimisation of waste management at the production site, with over 70% of waste recycled.

2016 - Creation of the GreenOvation group, made up of employee volunteers, with a view to implementing specific actions aimed at limiting our environmental footprint.

2019 - Work on printing consumables, the first stage being the launch of paper cards on the market.



1.  Complying with environmental standards at all levels: design, use and recycling of our products.

2.  Reducing the environmental footprint of our operations:

  • By limiting waste production and promoting recycling.
  • By improving the environmental performance of our infrastructures.

3.  Developing more environmentally-friendly card personalization solutions.

4.  Supporting our stakeholders in their environmental protection actions and promoting good practices.



Life cycle analyses of Evolis printers were carried out with a view to designing more environmentally-friendly products. Implemented from the Zenuis model onwards, the results have enabled an entire generation of eco-designed card printers to be developed, starting from their design right through to their recycling.


Measures taken for printers

Conservation of resources and energy

  • Compact printers for savings in raw materials, packaging and transport
  • Printer energy efficiency thanks to the ultra-efficient standby mode, which consumes almost 6 times less electricity than previous models

Optimisation of printer service life and recycling

  • Adaptability of printers making it possible to add functionalities to them on-site instead of having to replace them

  • Sustainability, "No" to planned obsolescence: Evolis printers are designed to last as long as possible.

  • Printer recycling and the European WEEE directive: collecting and processing used printers, complying with French and European environmental legislation and subscribing to an eco-organisation approved by the public authorities. The recycling and recovery rate for printers is over 80%.

Pollution prevention

  • Restriction of hazardous substances in the manufacture of our products, in accordance with the European RoHS directive.


Measures taken for printer ribbons

  • High capacity ribbons to reduce the quantity of materials used and the environmental impact of their transport

  • Use of recycled materials for cartridges and cores for consumables:
    -  recycled and recyclable regenerated polystyrene (PS) for cartridges housing printer ribbons
    -  recycled and recyclable polyethylene terephthalate (PET) for the cores on which printer ribbons are wound.

Measures taken for cards

  • Introduction of paper cards: a natural, biodegradable and recyclable material. Evolis recommends the use of paper cards for identification purposes required only for a short period of time (for example at trade fairs or for visitor badges), or for low-handling cards (loyalty cards, gift cards).



Use of renewable energies

  • Production of domestic hot water using solar panels
  • Recovery of rainwater for sanitary use and watering green spaces

Waste volume reduction and recycling

  • Optimization of selective sorting in production areas and offices with a view to encouraging recycling via the appropriate channels.
  • Participatory sorting: in order to optimise sorting in offices and eliminate the mass use of plastic bags, personal mini-bins voluntarily emptied by their users have replaced traditional individual waste bins.
  • Purchase of glass bottles for all Group employees to replace plastic bottles.
  • Replacement of capsule coffee machines by machines incorporating a grain grinder to eliminate 50,000 capsules per year.

Reduction of CO² emissions

  • Implementation of a Travel Plan to promote the use of sustainable modes of transport (public transport, cycling and carpooling).



  • GreenOvation, a group of committed employee volunteers who participate in implementing specific measures to reduce the impact of Evolis activities on the environment. GreenOvation volunteers are aware of and committed to good environmental practices.

  • Raising employee awareness and encouraging good practices.