School ID cards are intended to identify an elementary, high school, or college student, in order to prove their membership of the school or college.

An ID card to identify your students

School badges are named and personalized. They can therefore include various features to identify the student:

  • First name, surname
  • Photo
  • Date of birth
  • Grade of studies
  • Special diet, etc.

In order to differentiate between grades, different color codes can be applied.

Encoding technologies can also be added to the card:

  • Barcodes to facilitate school canteen management or library loans, for example
  • Contactless RFID chip to ensure site security and control access to your sites


A sturdy, high-quality ID badge

With Evolis card printers, your school cards are printed on a sturdy PVC plastic medium which is resistant to the wear and tear of daily use. High-quality graphics give the cards a very professional finish.


Print your cards on demand

Evolis card printers are as easy to use as a standard office printer. Personalize your ID cards with the school colors in just a few seconds.

Reprint any lost ID cards instantly and re-issue them to students immediately.



  • Quick and easy identification of your students
  • Security for your building
  • Instant production
  • Robust medium

Card printers for School ID card

zenius card printer

Zenius card printer

The compact and agile card printer

The Zenius printer is designed for single-sided printing of any type of plastic cards.

Card lifespan:
1-3 years
Number of cards per year:
Between 500 and 5,000
Card security level:
Card Issuance mode:
TattooRW card printer

Tattoo Rewrite card printer

The printer for rewritable cards

Tattoo RW is a ribbon-free printer that uses rewritable cards.

Card lifespan:
1-3 years
Number of cards per year:
Between 5,000 and 30,000
Card security level:
Card Issuance mode:
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