Identification solutions for the medical and healthcare sector

Evolis's solutions help all healthcare organisations identify people and property, and improve the safety and efficiency of procedures.

Evolis - Healthcare Market

Your healthcare facility is open to the public, with heavy traffic and patient flow. It must provide a welcoming and reassuring environment for both patients and employees, while taking into account a tight budgetary situation. When dealing with threats such as health crisis, terrorism, intrusions and theft, identifying people and property is crucial.

By issuing your own ID badges on plastic cards, you can immediately and securely identify all groups of people:

  • health professionals (doctors, nurses, midwives),
  • administrative employees, patients, visitors,
  • but also medical equipment and other goods.


In addition to visual identification, it is possible to integrate several other functions on the same badge, such as :

  • access control to certain sensitive areas,
  • automatic management of employee time and attendance,
  • dematerialized payment for meals.


This way, your establishment offers both a secure environment and an enhanced experience for all audiences with the simplicity of a single badge.

In addition, thanks to digital signature tablets, drastically simplify the management of your administrative documents by dematerializing them. Entry and exit processes in your establishment become simpler and faster, you save time and reliability in managing all personal and administrative documents.

Employee Badge Health

ID and Access Control Card

Ensure everyone who works in your healthcare setting can be identified at a glance and control access with personalized ID badges. Ideal for ensuring hygiene, the plastic card is also extremely practical and offers improved security within your establishment.

Evolis - Digital Signature in medical establishment

Electronic signatures in healthcare facilities

Simplify the management of administrative and medical documents by capturing electronic signatures. Thanks to this secure, fully paper-free tool, save time and reduce the costs and problems associated with accumulating hard-copy documents, while streamlining your patients' experience.

Choose autonomy! Depending on your organisation and needs, two means of printing are available:

  • Printing at reception: you print all ID cards individually or in batches, for all groups of people, and hand-deliver each badge to its holder.
  • Self-service "kiosk" printing: users issue their own badge independently on the automated self-service printer and retrieve it immediately. This solution reduces waiting time and allows your staff to focus on tasks with higher added value.